Dom Sarfo Taps Into His Killer Instinct With “Try My Luck”

    I need everybody to come correct whenever they mention Dom Sarfo’s name. The Indianapolis, IN-based recording artist is the same dope artist that he was the last time he appeared on our site with his “Time Will Tell” EP, except this time around, he sounds even more poised than ever. His latest release, “Try My Luck” reveals new sides to his sound and his evolution as an artist.

    Dom Sarfo’s latest offering, which consists of only two songs, demonstrates that his style and aesthetic have remained consistent throughout the years. The only thing that changed is that these two records take a darker approach. The first track, “Try My Luck” sets the stage for what listeners can expect, with its complex composition and bleak lyrics over gloomy production. This song takes me back to the days of “emo-trap,” but Dom has found a way to infuse it with a contemporary and fresh feel. The second track, “Ok Bitch” continues in the same vein as the first with its despondent lyrics and production.

    This short two-pack proves there’s no ceiling to Dom Sarfo’s success. If we’re being honest, we’ve only seen a fraction of his full potential. Because with every release, he reveals a different trick up his sleeve.


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