Dominic Scott’s “Bite My Tongue” Displays Refreshing Artistry & Vast Potential

    Dominic Scott is a budding R&B star who continues to cement himself alongside the most revered and promising talents coming out of New Orleans. Scott has merged the talents of his blues musician father with his own take on R&B and his mom’s love of gospel. Imbued with stylistic earworms of pop and hip-hop, his music is symbolic of his interest in expanding the realms of what a genre can and should be capable of.

    In the perennial pursuit of limitless creation, Scott’s new single “Bite My Tongue” sees the fast-rising artist highlighting what may come to be a defining staple of his sound. The Thomas Crager instrumentation is brilliantly simple and yet, catchy. Hooked right in by the first note, Scott plays around with his vocal range. He croons the lyrical hook we cannot get out of your head, “You don’t act like you love me no more/ So we can go our separate ways.” The way in which Scott shifts from delivering bars to empathic crooning, all of which carry an ineffable sense of buoyancy, is something worth praise no matter how many times you hear it. The record allows for Dominic Scott to set himself apart from the pack and establish him as a one-man driving force capable of delivering a track whose range is unmatched.

    Give the new single a listen below.


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