Don Quez Is at His Most Dynamic on His New Album ‘HELL OF A RIDE’

    “2019 I was just tryna figure it out”

    Stockton, California’s Don Quez has been an artist I found myself rocking with more and more after each release. His 2019 project Bite The Bullet was a dope introduction to an artist who has a lot to offer. Since then, Don has grown as an artist and individual. Continuing to develop his sound and surpass goals that were once another milestone on the checklist, Don is just now heating up. “2019 I was just tryna figure it out,” he said to us. “Since then, I learned how to be more self-sufficient and how to trust my ideas. Definitely a way stronger and more confident artist now,” he added. 

    Two years removed from that project, Don has managed to release a slew of singles in addition to videos and even a live performance of his 3-song EP Phoenix. Now, as he starts this next phase of his artistic journey, Don shares his brand new album HELL OF A RIDE. At 13-tracks, the album can be considered his most polished work to date. A quarantine project that turned into a full-fledged album, HELL OF A RIDE showcases Don Quez expanding his artistry. “A majority of this album was made in my room,” he said about the album. “Covid forced me to learn how to produce/arrange songs for myself,” he added. The album’s lead single Everybody Can’t Go featuring MBNel, and J. Sirus does a perfect job of welcoming us into the various sonics that we’ll exhibit as we make our way through the 35-minute offering. Much of the album is geared around Don’s lyrical ability. Tracks like DALLAS and FALL BACK are packed with heavy-hitting bars that will uncontrollably make you do the stank face all the way through. This energy is carried throughout the album creating a consistent listen from beginning to end. 

    In its entirety, HELL OF A RIDE is a novel take on the hip-hop sound Don Quez has carefully cultivated. With impeccable production choice and clever lyrics that highlight just how skilled he is at rapping, Don is only getting started, and HELL OF A RIDE proves he’s here to stay. 

    Stream HELL OF A RIDE down below.


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