Dope Taf Is Just Here to Enjoy the Ride on “While We Wait”

    Hip-hop has been the backbone of Huntsville, AL, artist Dope Taf’s music journey, acting as a compass guiding him through a landscape of diverse genres. His latest EP While We Wait, is a testament to his journey thus far. The EP features six tracks that cascade seamlessly over a 15-minute runtime.

    The EP opens with “Strong Enough,” a captivating intro track that sets the tone. Standout tracks like “Whatchu Need?” and “The Switch Up” showcase Dope Taf’s prowess and versatility as an artist. Speaking on how this new EP compares to his previous releases, Dope Taf shared, “Compared to my last EP, All Eyez on Me. it’s a whole tone and frequency shift. It feels much more grown-up, sincere, and vulnerable.” He continued, “Even on the technical side, the mixes on this project are the best I’ve ever done.”

    “While We Wait” cover art

    Reflecting on his journey, Dope Taf revealed, “Truthfully, the inspiration just came from feeling the pressure of not having a project out, getting rushed by more and more people who listened to my music.” This very pressure has fueled his growth, driving him to craft an EP that resonates both emotionally and artistically.

    As an artist, Dope Taf strikes a delicate balance between staying true to his signature sound and fearlessly venturing into new musical territories on While We Wait. He explains, “I feel like it’s not hard for me because I don’t think it’s a specific sound designated for me. I grew up on all different types of music… I truthfully make what I feel and regurgitate the frequencies and sounds I’ve grown up on.”


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