Downtown Kayoto Hits His Creative Stride on ‘Hello World’

    Emerging out of the UK’s budding music scene is Downtown Kayoto. Blurring genre and geographical boundaries, songs such as ‘Feels Like,’ ‘Do Better,’ and ‘ROX‘ have sure made him a promising act.

    His latest release comes in the form of Hello World, an infectious slice of alt-R&B that displays his unique sound. Throughout the track, Kayoto’s vocals provide a textured soundscape that has so much depth to it, and his usual poignantly placed lyrics that never disappoint. Accompanying the track is a Louis Lincoln-Bottcher-directed video that showcases another side of Kayoto’s creativity.

    In Hello World, Downtown Kayoto can fit a wide range of ideas and sounds into a short but sweet runtime. He takes countless creative risks on the project, with all of them seeming to pay off. His songwriting, performance, and tone all come together to create something personal and distinct. Check out the new video down below and stream the song here.


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