Downtown Kayoto Unveils His Latest Single and Accompanying Video “Lite”

    Hull-based Zimbabwean artist Downtown Kayoto shares his new single “Lite” — the latest track from his upcoming EP Learning In Public, slated to drop July 6th via Other Projects.

    “Lite” oscillates between bouncing house, trap, and UK grime, with Downtown Kayoto registering the impact of Kaytranada and Skepta, all the while maintaining his own unique style and potent delivery.

    Allowing a wide spread of influences to bleed into its sound, lyrically “Lite” explores notions of futility and listlessness, as well as dissects his own artistry and where he positions himself as a musician: “I’m tryna find a place in the night-time / Tryna find place where I stay.”

    Shot in London in April this year, the Joe Howat-directed video for “Lite” utilizes a variety of intricate videography techniques, referencing and paying homage to Tyler Durden’s monologue scene in Fight Club, A$AP Rocky’s “A$AP Forever” video, Frank Ocean’s Boys Don’t Cry magazine, and the Hype Williams-directed 1998 film Belly, along the way. “We wanted the song to feel alive and active, so we just gathered a ton of references from videos that we fuck with,” Downtown Kayoto explains.

    Check out the new video for “Lite,” and make sure to keep an eye out for the EP.


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