20-Year-Old Chicago Artist Dre Izaya Looks To Polish His Sound on “The Blue Tape Vol. 1”

    The Blue Tape Vol. 1” is a collection of songs that demonstrate the range Dre Izaya encompasses as an artist. With high energy songs such as “Sauce on x1000” where Dre Izaya showcases his ability to both rap amongst some of the best currently doing it, while at the same time not sacrificing the elements of a great song. On records such as “Room4Me” and “I Don’t Deserve You,” his strengths as a songwriter are prominent and are a glimpse of what’s to come from the young 20-year-old artist from Chicago’s Southside. With production credits on the majority of the project, Dre Izaya is confident in creating the soundtrack to his world.

    The Blue Tape series is intended to follow Dre as he develops his sound and will continue to be a collection of drafts, demos, and pieces of Dre Izaya’s music which will exist outside of his upcoming albums. The Blue Tape is a great introduction to getting familiar with the best next artist hailing from Chicago, IL.


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