Dro Kenji Proves He’s Ready For Global Stardom With New Project ‘F*ck Your Feelings’

    South Carolinian rock-rapper Dro Kenji is riding his own wave. Today, the soon-to-be superstar delivers the continuation of his “TEARS & PISTOLS” project which dropped late last year. The fourth compilation, ‘F*ck Your Feelings is finally here. In addition to the new project, Kenji also shares the stunning visual for the standout single, “TRANCE,” out now via Internet Money Records/ MiraTouch/ 10K Projects. The first artist signed to multi-platinum producer Nick Mira’s new partnership, Dro Kenji has become a near-overnight sensation. With only one mode—which is go, Kenji has dropped over 25 songs in the last six months, including breakout hits like “Kill Cupid” and “SUPERSTAR.” As the latter title suggests, the rapper is ready for global stardom this year, and, well—F*ck Your Feelings if you feel some type of way about it.

    At 14-songs in length, the body of work has a runtime of 30-minutes and Kenji took advantage of each second as he picked the pockets of each of the provided beats perfectly. Created alongside hitmaking producers like Taz Taylor, Nick Mira, Bugz Ronin, Brian Lee, and Dez Wright, the new project presents Kenji as an artist unafraid to bare his soul to a young generation going through the same experiences: “Put it in a song and they gon’ f*ck with it” he said about the project. Overall, Dro Kenji’s distinctive rock/rap style has earned him notable praises and he doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. Check out the project down below via Spotify and head over here for your preferred streaming service.


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