Duce Banx Puts His Relentless Flow on Full Display With “On Go”

    Derek Banks, known professionally as Duce Banx, is a multi-hyphenate artist based in Newport News, Virginia, who thrives on his versatility. Banx’s music delves deeply into his personal journey, skillfully crafting narratives through intricately written songs. With a remarkable ability to blend words and a keen attention to detail, Banx’s musical style encompasses the very spirit of hip-hop culture. Through his raw and honest lyrics, Banx establishes a genuine connection with his listeners, leaving no room for compromise in his authentic expression.

    Duce Banx’s latest offering, “on go,” serves as a gritty testament to his impeccable wordplay. This captivating record encapsulates everything that makes him a compelling artist and is an absolute must-listen for fans and newcomers alike. Produced by the talented ZeroYouAFooBoy, “on go” features Banx rapping over a hard-hitting and dark instrumental. As the song builds towards its inevitable conclusion, it leaves behind traces of Banx’s unmatched bravado and relentless flow.

    “This single came together honestly from a desire to satisfy my hometown Newport News, Va, aka Bad News. Where I’m from, most music is gritty, trap style, drill-type rap, and I wanted to give them something that said, “aye look, I’m still from the ville.” So to me, it’s also a statement piece, like, “I’m done playing it cool. I’m on go from now on, let’s get it.”

    “on go” is Duce Banx at his most inventive. Unlike anything he’s made before, the single flexes his versatility while leaving the door wide open for where he might artistically move next.


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