Duhon Proves Himself as an Artist to Watch With ‘Sorry Summer’ EP

    Duhon’s hip-hop/soul sound has just as much swagger as it has skill, and he comes through with all the confidence you want to hear from a rising artist. His rare authenticity allows him to immediately build a genuine connection with listeners, which is exactly what his new EP ‘Sorry Summer’ achieves. Determined to put his hometown on the map, he raps with a passion any hip-hop fan can relate to.

    At 8-songs in length, ‘Sorry Summer’ is full of balanced production and songs that give an introspective look into the artist’s life. On songs like ‘THE WAY IT IS’ and ‘IMA GET MINE,’ we hear Duhon’s mature songwriting, and his vocal performances are truly in the pocket. Throughout the EP, there’s this concise quality to how the tracks flow together, telling an overarching story. As you make your way down the EP, one thing is for sure about this young artist; he’s extremely passionate about his craft, and it shows in the music. We’re a fan of the maturity in Duhon’s sound and songwriting, and we’re excited to see that propel him to further heights this year.

    Check out the EP below via Spotify and head over here for your preferred streaming services.


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