DusséDan’s Album ‘SMOOV.’ Is an Introspective and Multifaceted Journey

    Newark, NJ artist DusséDan, formerly known by the moniker Dan CHAPPLINNN, recently returned to the music scene after taking a brief hiatus. His latest release, a seven-track project SMOOV. helps introduce listeners to DusséDan’s newfound identity as an artist, establishing him as a blossoming talent to keep your eyes (and ears) on.

    SMOOV. sees DusséDan effortlessly showing off his natural talents to an almost enviable extent, with every track serving as another layer of artistry that the young creative has an affinity for. Tracks like the opener “Cold” and “Baby” are both songs that help showcase DusséDan’s pen game, with every moment being full of clever bars. DusséDan’s mastery of rhythm, flow, and melody makes for infectiously catchy bangers—carefully made despite their carefree appearance.

    Speaking on the project, DusséDan shared: “SMOOV. came about right after dropping Ricky Tan’s Laptop. My goal was to come up with something more personal and sincere. There were a lot of hardships before and during the process, but it was bittersweet after it. “SMOOV.” is a phrase I have been saying for a while around the homies at any given time, and to me, it means to persevere throughout the madness. Haters can’t stop me, family trauma can’t stop me, anything. You gotta stay solid through the ups and downs.”

    Above all, SMOOV. showcases DusséDan’s enduring creative spirit, drawing inspiration from both positive and negative experiences to fuel his passion. Despite the chaos of daily life, he perseveres to create a masterpiece of infectious, catchy bangers that embody his artistic identity. Set to release this year are two highly anticipated collaborative EPs—one alongside Renaissance Mic and another with Gary the Destroyer— further solidifying DusséDan’s reputation as a versatile and visionary artist.

    Listen to SMOOV. below:


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