DvDx Creates a Futuristic Atmosphere on His New EP ‘The Irreplaceable Now’

    DvDx (pronounced David X) is an artist and producer from Atlanta. As a result of being around music all of his life, DvDx’s love and interest in music grew over time, leading him to start writing and then producing full songs in high school. After graduating, DvDx began releasing songs on Soundcloud and eventually a joint mixtape with friend Kenny Mason called ‘The Super Tape,’ which caught the attention of various outlets. An almost 5-year hiatus immediately followed that from working on his music to focus more on producing. He decided to drop out of Georgia State as he produced for acts such as Kenny, Daniel Novello, Sakura, and many other budding Atlanta artists.

    Today, DvDx returns with his latest EP, ‘The Irreplaceable Now.’ He named this EP this because when he read that phrase in a book in 2019, it emphasized his perspective on the importance of being present. DvDx described the EP as reflective of the overthinking that sometimes occurs, especially when melancholy starts to set in. At 6-songs, the spacey soundscape reflects the dissociation you experience from the real world as you venture to a place that holds no regard for space, time, and sometimes life itself. Constant mental escapism takes away from the moments that you have and could be creating. 

    The one connecting thread that ties ‘The Irreplaceable Now‘ together is DvDx’s impressive production. Whether losing yourself in the absolute earworm that is ‘Nothing Here‘ or catching your head bopping to ‘1000,’ DvDx is the one at the helm. The effect is reminiscent of a self-assured artist who knows what they’re capable of. With the release of a promising new EP and the support of his peers alike, there’s no telling where DvDx will go from here.

    Listen to ‘The Irreplaceable Nowdown below.


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