East Chain Recordings Collective Releases Compilation Album ‘Camp East’

    East Chain Recordings is a small independent music label based in Atlanta, GA. Founded by Michael Aristotle and Wili Hendrixs, the duo ideated the life that laid ahead of them. Continuing to set sail through the work of each artist that proudly carries the anchor on their chest and looks to make an impact at every stop, today, the collective shares their compilation album “Camp East.”

    At 15-songs, the 49-minute offering features some of the most talented up-and-coming artists and producers out of Atlanta. “Camp East” is a labor of love between an eclectic group of creatives that are as committed as they are talented. The experience is fully charged by all kinds of sounds that interweave, like a spider web hanging in the awnings of summer camp entrances.

    The lead song, “On Everything,” sets the tone as the first suggested activity on the camp’s itinerary. Michael Aristotle and Da Kidd Half put everyone on notice with their skilled lyricism and unmistakable swagger. There are even a few bars from in-house producer Wili Hendrixs on this to further drive the point that their talent is as endless as the Jungle Juice the cool counselors snuck in.

    Camp East” displays everything that makes East Chain who they are as a collective, and as individuals looking to carve out their own path, making this album captivating and a must-listen for fans of the artists. Throughout the entire offering, “Camp East” members rap over hard-hitting, infectious production providing a little bit of everything for all listeners. Songs like “Pin Ups” “Be Careful,” and “Fall For It” showcase more of the melodic side of the collective. Camp East is a masterclass in clever songwriting, artistic prowess, and the benefits of risk-taking by a collective where each member brings their own special skills to the table.

    When the last ember burns out at the end of the bonus song, “Camp Fire,” the only things left in its wake are lingering traces of their peerless bravado and relentless flow. Check out the new album down below via Spotify and head over here for your preferred streaming service.


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