Edac Builds a Euphoric World on ‘Half Dumb’


    Edac should appear on every “Artists to Watch” list for 2020. Released under Prrrrrrr Records, Half Dumb is an assured record that announces the arrival of his unique sound. His sounds move seamlessly from somberness to exuberance. They capture the moments when dense, grey clouds obscure the sun and then move on to reveal its light once more. The whole EP is a collage of fine beat cuts and sublime voice cuts.

    Throughout the eight-track beat tape, keys give way to jazzy funk, sitting somewhere between downtempo hip-hop and R&B rhythms with freaked synth chords and coruscating electronic glitches. The abundant tempo changes speak to Edac’s inexhaustible range, as well. For me, listening to Half Dumb is like going for a hike to during a depressive episode and finding that the warmth of the sun striking your skin cures you, if only for a moment. Edac’s range is broad, but Half Dumb never moves out of his distinctive atmosphere. Stream the new tape down below.

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