Ejay Mallard Gives His Testimony on “When a Black Man Gets Vulnerable”

    As a Black man, I can testify that it takes true strength to let your walls down because the world pushes you at every angle to do otherwise. Not having a safe space to vent can sadly lead you to destruction. A recent example is Ejay Mallard, who shared his vulnerability in his new single, “When a Black Man Gets Vulnerable.” This is one of the beauties of music. It allows Black men to let off some steam and clear their thoughts.

    “In a world where being vulnerable can feel like a superpower, I am proud to have created a piece of music that resonates with many. A reminder that as Black men, our emotions and experiences are just valid as and deserving of a voice.”

    Similar to Usher’s “Confessions Pt. 2,” this song is a testimony of Mallard’s personal experiences. The track opens with gentle acoustics and angelic voices as if you’re entering the pearly gates. It’s very fitting for this euphoric song and adds to the out-of-body experience that Mallard creates. The lyrics in the song express a genuine and open depiction of the feelings associated with the termination of a relationship. Initially, Mallard is surprised at the end of the relationship and understands that the relationship wasn’t what he had perceived it to be. He ponders over the choices he could have made differently and acknowledges his role in the relationship’s collapse. However, as the song advances, there’s a change in tone, and the artist takes responsibility for his emotions and actions. Throughout the song, his amazing songwriting abilities vividly depict all he’s been through.

    The world needs more honest conversations, and songs like this can help bridge that gap. Ejay Mallard is an exceptional artist, and I hope to hear more from the rising artist in 2023. 

    Be sure to stream “When A Black Man Gets Vulnerable” on Spotify below.


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