Emanuel Wynter Shares “Stranger” and “If Only Time Can Tell…” Ahead of New EP

    Emanuel Wynter, an up-and-coming artist from Charlotte, showcases his captivating artistry through exhilarating live shows. His energetic presence on stage perfectly complements his heartfelt singing, while his exceptional skills with the violin make him truly stand out. Influenced by acclaimed artists such as Anthony Hamilton, Leon Bridges, and Gary Clark Jr., Wynter skillfully combines R&B and Rock genres, creating a sound all of his own.

    One of Wynter’s recently released tracks, “Stranger,” takes inspiration from the experience of encountering someone who captures your imagination and leaves a lasting impression. While most interactions with strangers are fleeting, Wynter imagines a scenario where he strikes up a conversation. “As a reserved person who almost always has kept things moving, Stranger is a hypothetical scenario in which I do strike up a conversation. Because of that, I very much enjoyed letting my imagination guide me throughout the writing process,” Wynter shared about the song.

    In his other release, “If Only Time Can Tell…,” Wynter delves into uncharted emotional territory. The song reflects on the uncertainty of relationships and the value of connections, regardless of their eventual outcome. Instead of focusing solely on the end, Wynter emphasizes the beauty of the present moment and the joy of exploring and falling in love with someone. Speaking on the release, he shared “If Only Time Can Tell… takes comfort in the uncertainty of tomorrow and emphasizes the beauty of the present. I’m pretty happy with how I embodied this concept lyrically and sonically, and this is actually one of my favorite songs that I’ve released to date.”

    Following these two releases, Emanuel Wynter has exciting plans for the near future. He will be releasing a live EP titled From Orbit later this year which will include both “Stranger” and “If Only Time Can Tell…” in addition to a few other songs he wrote between May and December of 2022. This EP promises to showcase his dynamic musicianship and sincere lyricism.

    Listen to “Stranger” and “If Only Time Can Tell…” below:


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