ePP Flexes His Range in New Album “Fold”

    Portland’s ePP is an artist I find myself gravitating towards every time he drops something new. It was essentially his 2019 album, There’s A Place for People Like Youthat had put him on my radar, and since that release, he has gone on to drop a handful of singles. Today, the budding artist returns with his brand new album, Fold (Figuring Out Life’s Difficulties.) 

    Fold cover art by MCNATT VISUALS

    At 13-tracks in length with a runtime of 33-minutes, the album hosts a little bit of everything that fans fell in love with, to begin with – cutthroat lyricism, warm instrumentals, and a retro, hazy tone – but also finds ePP stepping out of his comfort zone more than ever. The different layers, textures, and tones on Fold make for a lush and beautiful listen, transporting you to a different world with each track. The elaborate, complex, and retro soundscape is easily one of the most substantial aspects of Fold, too. Tracks like the album’s opener, “Play4keep,” and “Horseshoe” put ePP’s strong songwriting skills on full display. “Dff” and “NTA” featuring GOREGUZZ showcase ePP stepping out of his comfort zone with in-your-face tracks that allude to more of his artistry.

    “The past few years haven’t been easy for any of us, so I wanted to remind you and myself that we have to keep going even when it feels like the walls are closing in on us. This is for those who are unapologetically themselves. They know what it takes to even make it RIGHT HERE in life. I’ll continue to color outside the lines and approach this with care.”

    — ePP

    With each coming track, Fold will surely put you in a good place. There’s truly a little something for everyone on here and if you’re looking for a new rising artist to add to your queue, look no further than ePP. Check out the new album below.


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