Virginia-based Duo EquallyOpposite Shares New Project ‘2 Little 2 Know Fame’


    ZacMac and Gordo Kai, or together known as EquallyOpposite, are an alternative hip hop duo from Charlottesville Virginia, and today they make their debut on our page with their new project 2 Little 2 Know Fame.

    They described the project as being inspired by repetitive failure trying to make it as an artist, or just a human being in general. Everyone on this planet has a dream or some sort of goal for the most part. Aside from their last project Siinergii which was more emo, they wanted to turn their negatives into positives on this one. They decided to call it 2 Little 2 Know Fame because they hope to become the little people for the people who want to be big. This project shows they’re sticking to our gut and creating what they want to without anyone telling them how they SHOULD make music. Stream the new project down below.