Fatboyshaun and Trox Have Our Full Attention With Their New EP ‘$100 Pasta Plates’

    Texas rapper Fatboyshaun closes out the 4th quarter of 2021 with a brand new 6-track project executively produced by Oregon producer Trox.

    Since the release of his last project, Fatboyshaun has not only proven his progression of skill in rapping but also in storytelling. Shaun’s primary goal has always been to reflect his daily perspective into his words. With STTGTH, Shaun opened the door into his life—showcasing the success and mistakes that brought him here for all to see. Since then, the rapper has remained relatively secluded in music, but keeping his fans on the edge of their seats for high-quality bodies of work is his M.O.

    “$100 Pasta Plates” serves as an update on the livelihood of Fatboyshaun since the release of his last project. Shaun often details that the game isn’t over even though he’s been seeing better plays. But not only is he updating the status of his life, but he’s also reimagining it. The success of past endeavors and the constant feeling of always wanting to do better is a habit most artists like Shaun can’t kick—and it’s for the better. It’s not a sense of perfection; it’s a sense of progression.

    Songs like “Timmy Chans” and “Salmon Over Seaweed” express these emotions and thoughts that travel through him every day. With such a masterful sound like Trox’s production, Shaun brings forth new skills, putting him in a class of his own. He not only reintroduces himself to anyone who missed but also introduces some of his peers. This project features extraordinary verses from fellow rappers like Ricky Mapes, LOS, Jxylen, and Nick Diminico. All coming together to do business over good beats and ideal futures.

    Fatboyshaun has delivered with an even more intricate rollout than his last release. Shaun and his team have created a remarkable piece of work with this release. Not only ending the year off strong but previewing the potential of what’s to come for the following year. The plates are $100 now, and once you’ve tasted success, there’s no going back.

    Listen to “$100 Pasta Plates” below.


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