Felix Ames Shares “Don’t Be Alarmed” Ahead of Debut Album “JENA”

    Milwaukee-born singer and songwriter Felix Ames is a true multi-hyphenate. While he initially gained recognition on TikTok, don’t mistake him for an artist simply pandering to algorithms. He’s an artist who transcends trends and follows his creative instincts. Following the success of his standout singles “Bend, Don’t Break,” “Taxi Driver,” and “7711,” Ames is back with a brand-new track titled “Don’t Be Alarmed.”

    Ames’ music is a beautiful fusion of old-school soul vibes and contemporary R&B influences. “Don’t Be Alarmed” seamlessly blends these elements, creating a sonic masterpiece that’s further enhanced by jazz-inspired instrumentation and Ames’ velvety-smooth vocals.

    What sets Felix Ames apart is his understated yet confident energy. He operates under the radar, but his music speaks volumes about his talent. His journey has led him to where he is today, on the brink of releasing his debut album, JENA, via Def Jam Recordings.

    Felix Ames shares his perspective on his music, saying, “For me, the main goal of my music is to look in the mirror, and I’m inviting listeners to do the same. By reflecting on my life, I’m getting the truest art out of myself. I’m on a quest to understand and make sense of the world. Maybe my music will help you make better sense of it, too.”


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