Florida’s Backstreet Peejay Gets Lifted Like a ‘Jetpack’

    Florida artist Backstreet Peejay has a unique sound to him. With a style that’d be categorized in the Mellow Hip Hop sub-genre, Peejay delivers his latest single Jetpack.

    Produced by TrapSuperfly, the record features this bouncy vibe that allows Peejay to deliver on the infectious instrumentation in a way that will force you to run this back a few times. Backstreet Peejay rides the beat in a way that compliments his sound nicely while alluding to his artistry perfectly. At almost 3-minutes in streaming length, much of the track consists on this monotonic sound, which in terms creates little room for error.

    No word if this record is tied to any major bodies of work but we’ll make sure to keep you updated. Stream the new offering down below.


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