Flwr Chyld New EP ‘Flow’ Showcases Artistic Growth And Sonic Progression

    Art Direction: @pieramoore


    Coming into the spotlight like many other artists Flwr Chyld quickly becomes one of the bigger artists in his lane of neo-R&B. The overall diversity and experimentation make almost every listen feel fresh throughout the EP. At 7-tracks in length, Flwr‘s new EP Flow still prompts a mix of comparisons and distinctions. With a pretty evangelist voice, powerful chords, neo-soul arrangements, a rhythmic R&B: everything is there to describe Flwr Chyld‘s daily life on the new EP.

    As a cohesive EP, Flow showcases artistic growth and sonic progression through danceable pop deliveries like on AuraBlu. Although it’s only 17-minutes in streaming length, the EP features deeply visceral production that’s infused with mesmerizing vocals and nuanced electronic twists, from a singular figure who lays it all out on the table. This album has beautiful production, great songwriting, and great performances from Flwr Chyldr.

    “‘Flow’ is essentially a lifestyle. You have some wins, some losses but it’s about showing gratitude, and having an appreciation for both because the two are extremely important for growth and character development.”

    Stream Flow down below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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