Fresh Breakfast Muk Dipped in Butter Shares New Single “Flower Boy”

    Remember that flight you almost missed because you were looking in the mirror too long, stressed out about your distressed jeans? Well, turns out you made the flight. Actually, it turns out that the pilot was a friend, someone you’ve played basketball with at Equinox a few times. Anyways, you made it just in time for the fireworks at Kirschblutenfest in Hamburg, Germany, where the city greets the enchanting Cherry Blossoms and celebrates ties with its sister state, Osaka, all the way in Japan.

    All city lights are switched off as the fireworks light the sky, and the cherry blossoms beneath it. A rogue cherry blossom flower floats your way, surely not by accident. You extend your hand, allowing it a safe place to land. As soon as it touches you, you’re transported! Warped into a world made of gold. Everything, even your beloved cherry blossoms are gold. The gold clouds spell out your new name and the waves of the golden oceans crash against the golden shore, singing it you, “Flower Boy, yeah.” Your power is now illimitable. Because you’re a sociopath, the first thought that comes into your head is to eliminate the boyfriends and husbands of all of the women you’ve become fond of over the years. A *snap* from your fingers, and they’re all gone.

    Flower Boy” the sequel to Ted and Robin Jeans, and the second single from the Mango Dumb 3 project, by Fresh Breakfast Muk Dipped in Butter, is the most narcissistic love story you’ll ever hear, plagued by male bravado and luxurious automobile references, is a song reserved only for the dirtiest of lil boys and those with TSA Pre-Check. Stream the new single down below.


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