Fresh Breakfast Muk Dipped in Butter Shares “TED AND ROBIN JEANS” The First Single Off “Mango Dumb 3”

    You’re in the mirror, admiring your designer jeans on a fine Saturday morning, a few hours before your international flight takes off. Because God forbid, your airport fit isn’t absolutely fire. Your heart drops into your stomach, and then begins to float there. “What is this?” You ask yourself, bewildered by this feeling. Lo and behold, your heart is overcome. It’s the love of your life. You’re in love and it’s quite an enchanting feeling. You’re so in love you would even share your beloved designer jeans with this girl you love so much! Robins and bluebirds sing her praises, the sun shines just a little brighter wherever she walks, lotus flowers grow where her perfectly manicured toes step.

    However, these captivating feelings escape your heart as quickly as they enter..because you’re a scumbag (adventurer) at heart. You would rather sag those designer jeans so that your designer belt shows as a result. Because the world must see your Goyard belt. You would rather ride in wraiths and benzes, and profess your love for celebrities, who in your mind, it’s only a matter of time before they come around and profess their love for you. But you were born this way, it’s not your fault.

    TED AND ROBIN JEANS” the first single from the much anticipated Mango Dumb 3 project, by Fresh Breakfast Muk Dipped in Butter, is a love story painted by hit tv sitcoms, designer brands, and home wrecking, for dirty lil boys and girls around the world. Listen to the new single down below via Spotify and head over here for your preferred streaming service.


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