G-LOW Continues to Flourish With Release of New EP “Open the Vents”

    Portland artist G-LOW has been building with his peers over the last few years while sharpening his pen, releasing projects, and growing his experience on stage. In 2021, G-LOW dropped Don’t Forget To Smile, a concise EP that showcased his lyrical prowess and his seamless ability to glide over beats. Now, two years later, G-LOW returns with Open the Vents, a new EP that exceeds all expectations and showcases his growth as an artist.

    Open the Vents takes listeners on a captivating journey through the thoughts and inner workings of G-LOW, encompassing six tracks and spanning ten minutes. Each track is a treasure trove, inviting the listener to delve deep into its layers. G-LOW’s unwavering focus shines through while he also fearlessly embraces his vulnerability. This is what makes the Portland artist so relatable; Open the Vents feels like an intimate conversation with a trusted friend. 

    In tracks like “Mirrors,” the cadence effortlessly transitions from self-deprecating lines to the raw pain experienced by our protagonist. However, amidst the introspection, G-LOW masterfully incorporates poignant wordplay, effortlessly shifting between topics while maintaining a coherent thread. G-LOW himself expresses the desire for listeners to embrace transparency and honesty, to accept their flaws and issues, and to embrace their true selves unapologetically.

    Speaking on the project, G-LOW shared: “The project came together mainly off of feeling. Whatever I felt at the time was just what it was, non-filtered. I didn’t go back and change any verse. I think that’s why this one is special. It captures certain moments of my life at the time, which is exactly what I think it should be. That’s what music is for. At the end of the day, it’s an outlet for people.”

    Open the Vents is a testament to his growth and maturity as an artist. The EP is a masterful showcase of his lyrical prowess and ability to navigate through topics with ease while still maintaining a deep sense of vulnerability and relatability. With each track, G-LOW invites the listener into his world, encouraging them to embrace their true selves unapologetically. 

    Listen to Open the Vents below.


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