Get a Dose of R&B-Fuelled Nostalgia With Aria Bléu’s New EP ‘daydream’

    Aria Bléu’s sound often invokes feelings of nostalgia that combine 90’s soul with contemporary R&B. Her much anticipated sophomore EP ‘daydream‘ arrives as a deeply personal outing that displays her stripped-back jazz-infused soul approach while offering a look into her artistry both as a singer and songwriter. Standout tracks like the Mick Jenkins-assisted ‘daydreaming‘ and ‘forget about it‘ embody the neo-soul spirit that Bléu injects into all her music, bolstered by rhythmic elements of both contemporary and classic R&B. ‘daydream‘ is a perfectly-packaged representation of that work.

    At 19 minutes in runtime, no two tracks on the project sound the same, and each one explores different styles of R&B and soul in ways that continue to push Bléu’s sound forward. Each track in the album allows Bléu to deliver her honest and soul-piercing lyrics with considerate conviction. ‘daydream‘ marks the start of an ever-growing trajectory for Aria Bléu, and we’re happy that she is getting her rage out because it translates into some beautiful music.

    Listen to ‘daydream‘ below.


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