Get To Know CT Artist Chace Freeman In Our New Interview


    So I guess we should begin with introductions, how old are you and where are you from? 

    I am 23 years old and I am from New Haven, CT

    What got you started making music? 

    Well it was around a very low point in my life where school, social life, just everything was falling part. So music was sort of a last resort.

    When you’re not making music what are you up to? 

    Usually I’m watching anime, hanging with friends, or finding new inspiration.

    Do you have a process for song creation or is it more of a spur of the moment thing? 

    It really depends on the mood, you know? Usually I just start off with an idea and build from there. Sometimes it changes.

    Did you have any early music influences? Who were your favorite artists growing up? 

    Funny because my favorite was Logic growing up like a die hard, no slander fan. But to answer the other question, I use to hear all type of genres mainly through my mother. 

    In what ways have your music changed since you began making music? Were these changes consciously made, or did they naturally happen? 

    Before I was more of a boom bap artist like every time I turned on music it had to be bars but that all changed once I started deep diving into Nirvana, Tame Impala, Travis Scott, the list goes on.

    What has been your proudest moment in this process? What was a moment in which you could see the results of your hard work? 

    Honestly, this moment right here. Literally the best time of my life seeing everything pay off after this release man.

    You’ve been releasing music steadily for a while. How has the industry changed over the years, and how have you had to adapt to it? 

    I’m always looking for something new so usually I catch artist before they reach the masses, you know? So I usually always stay in tune with everything while staying in my own lane but I definitely feel like it’s the rebellious era of hip hop. Every genre goes through it from Rock to Classic Rock to Grunge.

    If you were to describe your sound, how would you describe it? 

    Experimental Hip Hop, straight up. I like being weird with everything I do with art.

    What’s your recording process like? 

     I record myself 95% of the time in my room. I more of a freestyler when it comes to lyrics I don’t really like writing. A lot of work dawg. Only time I write is if I’m in public and come up with a bar or something.

    What is next for you? What do you want your supporters to know about you? 

    Whats next? a bunch of content. Its about to get crazy dawg! Yeah I want to share that if you haven’t heard my new album yet.