Gio Genesis Cements Himself as an Artist to Know in “Wasting Away”

    Amongst the mix of astounding artists partaking in this R&B renaissance is New York-based singer-songwriter Gio Genesis. Once you hear the voice of the 23-year-old artist, it’s evident that his melodic structure and unique lyricism make him a force to be reckoned with. Coming off his latest release, “Shoot for Something,” a duet he did with his partner in crime, it was able to rack up 40K views in a couple of weeks on YouTube after its release, continuing to add to his impressive evergrowing catalog.

    Coming off the heels of that release, his new single, “Wasting Away,” was inspired by his current state of thought. Consistently releasing highly relatable music, Gio used his daily juggles of managing love, work, and music to turn them into something beautiful. He feels he’s wasting time away from being fully invested in it. At the same time, he knows that he is capable of anything because of divine protection. Gio Genesis proves himself to be an artist to not only watch but to obsess over. The dynamic ability showcased throughout his past releases like “Shoot for Something” and “Wither Remix” leaves listeners in awe of what he will create next. There is no doubt the fast-rising R&B artist will keep his brand of cool strong as he moves forward in exploring his untapped potential.

    Check out the new single below.


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