Gio Genesis Shares Perfectly Renditioned ‘Wither (Remix)’

    Unapologetically honest and unpretentious, White Plains, NY artist Gio Genesis takes a plain-spoken yet innovative approach to his music. He puts closeness out in the open, and his candid presentation of ear-catching songs makes his music simply compelling. His latest offering comes in the form of “Wither (Remix).” Inspired by Frank Ocean’s “Wither,” the song has generated over 2 million views on Tik Tok and 500,000 views on Twitter, and now it’s finally available for streaming. Genesis’ music can be described as a sonic escape for anyone looking to get lost in their own universe, and “Wither (Remix)” puts his vast skill set on full display.

    “It took me a minute to record the song after I wrote the lyrics because I wanted the message to sink in with me,” he shared about the song. “The message is essentially understanding that greatness isn’t something that can be reached externally. It all starts from within. Once I found that energy within myself, recording this song felt like an out-of-body experience,” he added. 

    Gio Genesis is refreshingly in touch with his sentiments and prides himself on keeping his writing specific to his own experiences. He has the raw talent that only appears so often, and the way he executes his tracks eclipses many efforts to do the same by other up-and-comers. Check out “Wither (Remix)” below.


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