Graphic Designers Share Illustrations and Resources in Support of #BlackLivesMatter

    In times of political revolution, protesting on the front lines might feel like the most visible way to bring about radical change, but it isn’t the only path to freedom — there’s a role for everyone in this fight.

    As the Black Lives Matter movement grew, it planted seeds in artists’ minds. And from these seeds grew images of anger, solace, fear, hope, empowerment. Some artists reap signs of peace and serenity, but many find the need to dig deep. For some, it is a call to harvest images of rage. And some crave the therapeutic reprieve that comes from meditating in the garden of pictures they conjure up in their minds.

    With all that in mind, we gathered some of the best artwork inspired by #BlackLivesMatter, and asked the artists about their creative process.

    IG: @vxmeee
    IG: @jcrumbofficial
    IG: @laurenmartin_studio
    IG: @wuzg00d
    IG: @bluboy___
    IG: @crocodile.jackson
    IG: @marco_oggian
    IG: @noir096
    IG: @meinhass_archives
    IG: @bjennymontero
    IG: @elliotisacoolguy
    IG: @krisandrewsmall
    IG: @hellomynameiswednesday
    IG: @terracottaprints


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