greek’s New Single ‘karma’ Is Simply Stunning

    greek continues to be one of the more exciting indie-pop and R&B acts to break into the scene with his unique DIY approach that makes it hard for him to be put into a box. Songs like ‘DROWN!,’ ‘idk’ and ‘hmu’ have already helped him generate a dedicated audience, and he continues to reinvent himself with each new release.

    His new single ‘karma’ will have you feeling like you’re in a dream. greek’s vocals and vulnerability shine in the spotlight throughout the track in a way that will have you running this one back more than once, that’s for sure. Playing to his strengths, ‘karma’ contains a varied range of sonic influences. It is no surprise that greek’s musical influences are equally as varied, so the single’s eclectic and nostalgic range of sound makes perfect sense.

    Speaking on the new release, greek had this to share:

    I laid a vocal idea and started writing off this idea I had from a month before with the concept of “karma.” I think the most important part was me deciding to beef up the outro into this overly synthy trap section to solidify its energy. It ended up flowing super well, and after like a week or so of mixing and mastering it, I was just so excited to put it out.

    I remembered my mom had many comic books from her childhood, so for the creative direction, we took this marvel comic from the 80s and worked it into the cover art. And then, from there, we shot this improvised video in North Carolina on like a weekend retreat and just wrapped everything up from there. I don’t know if you noticed the karma text on the magazine, but that was important.

    Stream ‘karma’ down below and let us know what you think!


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