Rapper-Producer Duo Greg Bussie and Enrique1x Deliver Their New EP “Old Friends”

    The best hip-hop is a team effort, and the producer-rapper relationship epitomizes that idea. While there have been instances of an artist doing the heavy lifting for a song and vice versa, the best tracks are found at the intersection of comfort and rapper-producer synergy. With their new EP Old Friends, rapper Greg Bussie and producer Enrique1x are coming with a refined and cohesive artistic identity.

    Spanning six tracks with a runtime of 18 minutes, the EP is a cohesive and focused offering espousing the tenets of boom-bap and trap—yet not sounding dated, thanks to Greg Bussie’s timely lyrics and Enrique1x’s timeless production that captures that nostalgic essence while retaining a modern feel. “The chemistry we have is something fresh. I haven’t heard Greg on my beats until these past few years. It was bound to happen, though. I brought the boom, and he brought the bap,” Enrique1x shared, while Bussie described their collaborative efforts as “Shaq and Kobe.”

    Tracks like “1AM Delay” and “Emotions” contain the clunky, old-school beat and are the perfect playground for Greg Bussie to tell us his history and what has shaped who he is. His laid-back style is extremely catchy. The production adds extreme layers to this record without overcrowding the scene Bussie is trying to paint. Speaking on the EP as a whole, Bussie shared, “Growth and life experiences have played a major part in influencing the content of this EP. From talking about my pops on “Emotion” to even Enrique1x and I. We’ve been through a lot together in the past year alone, so I feel this tells a story.”

    As the fourth quarter continues to pick up, this collab offering will lead the way for Greg Bussie and Enrique1x’s future work. “I feel Old Friends not only gives me that huge stepping stone but sets me apart. This was only a small taste of what’s to come from Enrique1x and I together and individually,” shared Greg Bussie.

    Listen to Old Friends below.


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