griff Holds Nothing Back on New Full-Length Offering “Lukewarm”

    Art Direction: Cris Garcia


    Cincinnati, OH artist griff returns to our page with his latest full-length offering “Lukewarm.” At 30 minutes in streaming length the body of work spans 10 tracks.

    The album completely draws listeners in and takes them through griff’s mind. Although we experience griff’s side and hear his story, the themes of Lukewarm are universal. Throughout our lives, we each come to a point where we feel uncertain. We feel stuck and the indecisiveness keeps us trapped. We feel as if our doubts are strong enough to hold us back.

    Throughout Lukewarm, griff explores these themes and goes in depth on his pathway out of these situations. From those stagnant phases to those freeing moments, listeners will hear it all on Lukewarm.

    The production on this tape was extremely consistent all the way through, and griff took advantage of that as he picked the pockets of each of the provided beats perfectly. Each record on this project manages to transition to the next in a way that makes for a seamless listen from beginning to end. Stream the full project down below.