H.O.M.A’s “Compilation 2.” Is a Kaleidoscopic Mix of Dynamic Sounds and Amorous Emotions

    At 7-tracks with a run time of 23-minutes, “Compilation 2.” is an impressive offering by fast-rising Nigerian alternative artist H.O.M.A. It is a sincere effort in a reflective exploration of sonics and subject matter. Throughout the project, he sings about amorous feelings and relationships in different contexts on soulful R&B, Pop, and eclectic alternative production from Killer Producer, Clogz, and TNT baby.

    H.O.M.A’s growth is evident in the project once compared to the release of the prequel to “Compilation 2.” in 2019. His sound has evolved from Afrocentric deep vocals to sultry, seductive vocals, allowing him to display a wide range of delivery. His ability to take different shapes and forms on intensely alternative music enables him to show a dynamic range in songwriting and performance. At the same time, songs like “Sucker” and “TGIF” help create visual imagery of the moods and ideas behind his records in the minds of his listeners.

    As he continues to develop the talent for evoking strong emotions and moods in his listeners through his music, “Compilation 2.” is H.O.M.A at his best. His songwriting, performance, and tone all come together to create something personal and distinct. It is another step closer to H.O.M.A being recognized by the wide audience he deserves.

    Listen to “Compilation 2.” below.


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