Hacim Highlights the Highs and Lows of Love on “Fruitions”

    There’s nothing like a good soulful record to put your mind and body at ease. Las Vegas-based artist Hacim’s new project Fruitions is certainly a testament to that. With soothing melodies and production, the sound can easily transport you to another world.

    Comprising nine tracks, Fruitions opens with a slow jam titled “Handle With Care,” in which Hacim emphasizes the importance of taking time with someone special. Rushing things when you think you’ve found the one is easy, but Hacim reminds us to let things flow naturally. The title of “Two Sided” reflects its content, which explores the joy and sorrow of love. The highs and lows of a relationship can be exhilarating at one moment and devastating the next. “Farewell, Goodnight” focuses on the challenge of letting go, as Hacim shares his struggle with accepting that a goodbye may be permanent. The act of moving on is never easy and can leave a person feeling lost. In the title track “Fruition” Hacim recounts his attempt to recover from a failed romance, admitting that he will miss the person while he works to heal the hurt.

    When speaking with Hacim on how Fruitions came together, he said he wanted to challenge himself and create an R&B album inspired by people and sounds he loves. Fruition definitely delivers as it details the act of moving on. Hacim stated:

    “This album means a lot to me; it is a breaking point not only in my music career but also for me internally. Fruitions represents me letting go of the past and letting things come to a close while moving on to new chapters of my life.” 

    This can certainly be noted in songs like “Farewell, Goodbye” and the title track, as they detail the task of accepting that a chapter has ended and there’s no other direction to move forward.

    Fruitions is a melodic ballad that listeners can definitely resonate with, as moving on is something we’ve all had to experience. Hacim does a great job of detailing the pain that comes with accepting the end of something that we may have never envisioned ending. Be sure to keep an eye out for Hakim’s future work as he continues to prove why listeners should tune in to his musical endeavors.

    Listen to Fruitions below.


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