Hadji Gaviota Continues to Build Momentum With New EP ‘PASTIMES’

    Rising Queens-based singer and SL favorite Hadji Gaviota doesn’t miss. His newly released EP ‘PASTIMES‘ continues to build on the momentum he’s generated. With previously-released tracks like ‘FIT PIC‘ and ‘HETEROCHROMIA,’ the 5-song offering further solidifies Gaviota’s position in the budding scene.

    The EP kicks off with ‘OYSTER,’ which wastes no time showcasing his ability to weave ornate tapestries of sound. In its entirety, Gaviota sounds most at home and uninhibited when crafting impeccable sonic gems that contain all the infectious nature we have to expect of him over the years. He manages to pull this off while still finding a way to speak to closely held truths. Each song is approached with confidence which could be best heard in the EP’s closer ‘EN VOGUE.’

    Continuing to grow with each release, we witness the first stages of an artist whose distinctive sound will place him in a new generation of timeless artists. Check out the new EP below via Spotify and head over here for your preferred streaming service.


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