Hadji Gaviota Has a Message for You with New Single “Boi”

    With the pen of a seasoned storyteller and the ear of an industry vet, Hadji Gaviota continues to push the boundaries of Pop&B with his unique sonic toolbox and aesthetic flair. Coming off the release of his last single, “I Love Smoking Mid,” the Queens, NY artist wastes no time delivering his new Simon Oscroft-produced single, “Boi.”

    “Boi” is a vibrant and catchy track that showcases Gaviota’s ability to craft infectious melodies and clever lyrics. The song is a playful ode to his swagger and confidence as he boasts about his style and charisma. The production is a masterful blend of contemporary Pop&B sounds.

    Hadji Gaviota "Boi" cover art shot by Sean Behr
    Hadji Gaviota “Boi” cover shot by Sean Behr

    Gaviota’s artistry is not limited to his music alone, as he is also known for his striking visuals and fashion sense. His music videos are always a feast for the eyes, with vivid colors, DIY imagery, and storytelling. If his previous releases are any indication, we can again expect an accompanying video to be delivered alongside “Boi” that complements the song’s upbeat and youthful energy.

    As an independent artist, Hadji Gaviota has steadily built a devoted fanbase and gained critical acclaim for his genre-bending sound and creative vision. “Boi” is just the latest example of his bold and exciting artistry.

    Listen to “Boi” below.


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