Hadji Gaviota’s Latest “i love smoking mid” Is the New Music You Need

    One thing will always remain constant. Hadji Gaviota will always put out good music. The Queens artist’s newest single, “i love smoking mid,” is the recent addition to his music arsenal, encapsulating his vocal prominence and lyrical prowess, as well as his love for smoking mid-grade weed (which I’m guilty of too.)

    Produced by loe4t, mykel online, and abner dennis, everyone comes together to create a hard-hitting track that shows only the start of Gaviota’s versatility. He has an exceptional tone and delivers his lines with delicate waviness and overall control. The song’s catchy hook and Gaviota’s ability to manipulate and move throughout the lyrics, weaving in and out of various pockets, will surely have you running this one back a few times.

    The Queens artist always finds a way to spice up his music, and “i love smoking mid” is a perfect example of what caliber of an artist he is. With that being said, spark some of that good mid and give this one a spin below.


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