Hadji Gaviota’s New Single ‘GOOFY!’ Is the Perfect Summer Anthem

    To say it has been a breakout year for Hadji Gaviota would be an understatement. The Queens, New York-based artist first struck gold with his breakthrough project ‘PASTIMES,’ And since that magical moment, it’s been nothing but gem after gem from Hadji. Following that initial bout of success and a series of equally infectious singles like ‘shyhomie!,’ Hadji now returns with ‘GOOFY!’ — a feel-good, dance-worthy Summer anthem.

    The bright, alternative-influenced single allows Hadji Gaviota to flex his impressive versatility once again. Accompanied by the in-your-face lyrics and Hadji’s blend of pop and hip-hop and the track’s catchy hook, ‘GOOFY!’ sits in between various sounds and styles while showcasing Hadji’s effortless ability to write compelling hooks.

    As the boundary-pushing artist looks toward the future and steps into a new era of unrestrained what he labels as left-handed music, it feels like there’s nowhere to go from here but up. Check out the new single below.


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