Hadji Gaviota’s ‘shyhomie!’ Is One of This Week’s Best Releases

    If you’ve seen Queens-based artist Hadji Gaviota floating around on your Twitter timeline, trust us, it’s for a good reason. Adding to what he labels as left-handed music, Hadji Gaviota’s impressive year continues. Hadji’s music often pushes the envelope in the pop genre while also adding hints of hip-hop where it’s needed, and this new single follows suit. Doing what he does best, ‘shyhomie!’ showcases a well-rounded artist whose vocal and songwriting prowess reflects a future star.

    In addition to the new single, Hadji has also shared a new video for the track directed by Keats. The Halloween-esq video (released yesterday) brings the record to life in a way that showcases another element of Hadji’s impressive artistry. 

    Hadji first caught our attention with, ‘4049 Spruce,’ a summer jam during much simpler times. More than a year later, his new music serves as a catalog of his rising musical prowess. Check out the latest video down below.


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