Harlem-Based Eric Penn Delivers His Latest Track, ‘Long Way Home’

    Losing yourself in feeling and moments is a reoccurring creation point for Harlem-based singer and songwriter Eric Penn. Dreams and journeys, the elements that invite freedom and movement into life. The feeling every nomad or romantic pines for. Eric Penn’s latest track, ‘Long Way Home’ is the sonic version of such sentiment.

    Freedom through song, transcendence through sound. It’s the type of feeling experienced when the sun is setting, with dust spinning off the back of car wheels, steering into an unknown destination. Emotional liberation whistling through the breeze. In an email to SL, Eric Penn spoke about, ‘The Long Way Home‘ reflecting on the vibration of this new track, acknowledging; “In so much uncertainty, a spontaneous ride with the love of your life can shield you from the ills of the world. Sometimes taking a long way home is more than needed…”

    Check out the new single down below.


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