Southside Chicago Artist HateSonny Delivers His New Project ‘GOLDEN CHILD’

    Art Direction: @femzor


    HateSonny’s GOLDEN CHILD is a self-described manifestation of “eclectic life” that Sonny uses to bestow a tour of this life onto the listeners. Sonny delivers lines that range in topics such as self-sufficiency, ambition, flirtation, aspirations of wealth, and street antics. 

    The track-list exhibits a modest but remarkable lineup of featured vocalist, as well as instrumentals that run the gamut of sounds; classic and almost subdued piano-driven beats, lively jazz, and R&B influenced production, and generally upbeat and more colorfully bass fueled soundscapes live cohesively all within Golden Child. The self-described eclectic life of HateSonny reflects largely on this project both lyrically and sonically. Stream the new project down below.

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