HENNESSY Continues to Impress with Stunning New Single ‘All for Nothing’

    As someone who spends their time searching for innovative new artists with the sound of tomorrow, it often gets hard to find fire tunes that keep me yearning for more truly. This week, Providence-based artist HENNESSY made that task easier. Her exceptional vocal range and relatable songwriting bring an effortless feel to her records that often feel like the therapy you never knew you needed.

    Her new single, ‘All for Nothing,’ has a free-flowing indie experience and beautiful R&B sensibilities that’ll instantly hook you. HENNESSY’s distinct and intimate vocal tone sets her apart, and she ideally uses that quality in this single. On top of the vulnerable and intriguing storytelling, the inherent catchiness of this song is undeniable. ‘All for Nothing’ has such a solemn yet confident feel, almost as if HENNESSY was straight chillin’ and simply reflecting when she wrote it.

    This song is definitely going to be on repeat for a while. HENNESSY’s musicianship and songwriting abilities are original, and I feel she will shoot onto the mainstream scene anytime now, so check her out before then.


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