HENNESSY’s “Time Revealed” EP Is Pure Poetry in Motion

    Her vocals are gentle yet captivating.

    Coming in smooth with style and finesse, HENNESSY is reinventing what we know as R&B. The singer-songwriter is an artist who has always deserved your eyes and ears. Following the release of her last single, “Can’t Let You Go,” the fast-rising artist continues to build off her silky-smooth sound and catchy storytelling as she delivers her new six-song EP, Time Revealed.

    HENNESSY — Credit: Leivana Simone
    Art direction by Kojo Dadzie
    Creative direction by Ryan Lopes
    Hair by Marie Senei

    Time Revealed is a mini time capsule of emotions and moments I felt most vulnerable. Time definitely revealed in a lot of life situations I encountered over the years, but it unraveled growth and healing.”


    As HENNESSY’s vocals take center stage throughout the EP, she reveals herself as a mirror of the human experience of love, letting her voice be an invitation to feel it all. Previously released songs like “All For Nothing” and “Can’t Let You Go” are sincere and lighthearted, just one of the many qualities she exhibits throughout the EP. HENNESSY’s vocals are gentle yet captivating. As an artist unable to be anything other than herself, HENNESSY’s art is simply an extension of her very being, and Time Revealed is a jewel to add to her already significant sparkle.

    Once you get a chance to listen to Time Revealed, you will want to hear more from HENNESSY. Luckily, if this EP indicates that a larger body of work is coming, then it’s safe to assume that she’s heading into a breakout year.

    Listen to Time Revealed below.


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