Heno. Delivers a Mesmerizing Vibe on “NEYBORS”

    Maryland-bred, LA-based artist Heno.’s creative vision is captivating. Spanning multiple disciplines and blending a new-age gospel with his intentionality and storytelling, his music allows listeners to find comfort within uncomfortable conversations. The rising artist speaks to a new generation of creatives who truly feel limitless in scope. Built around a minimalistic and delicate soundscape accentuated by iridescent production, his latest offering, ‘NEYBORS,’ is the latest byproduct of this multidisciplinary approach to his music.

    ‘NEYBORS’ cover art by Shawntel

    At under three minutes in streaming length, ‘NEYBORS’ features Elujay and J.Robb and is a feel-good record centered around giving your undivided attention to that special someone and sharing those intimate moments uninterrupted — especially by the neighbors. The soulful and downtempo track oozes artistic potential at every moment. Throughout the record, Heno.’s displays his undeniable talent and affinity for clever songwriting, while J.Robb’s fun, upbeat production blends seamlessly with Elujay and Heno.’s vocals.

    “One of the best things you can provide your significant other is undivided attention. The feeling of being wanted, desired, or having a hold on someone, in THIS DAY AND AGE is saying a lot. I think it’s the little things like being present when spending time with your partner that make those moments feel like heaven. This is for the times where you don’t even need to speak and can just exist” Heno. tells us. ‘NEYBORS’ is another step closer to Heno. being recognized by the wide audience he deserves. His songwriting, performance, and tone all create something personal and distinct.

    Be on the lookout for more new music from the rising star soon, and check out the new single below.


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