HeyDeon Bleeds Emotion on His New Album ‘Emotional Wreck’

    Art Direction: @Jordanqck


    Long Beach artist HeyDeon’s Emotional Wreck is an album that is beautifully produced and filled with honest, unrefined conversations about love, life, and sacrifices, Get Free sees HeyDeon shoot straight from the heart. The 10-track album feels like an emotional battle zone, but by the time it winds up with the soothing track, Was it Love all, we’re left with is a picture of HeyDeon standing proud, ready to face up to whatever’s set to come with his heart.

    Whenever you press play on HeyDeon’s music, you can’t help but feel joy and wonder to yourself if this is what love sounds like if it had a sound. Emotional Wreck is flawless, poetic, from the intro Sage to Unbalanced, right away you’ll be drawn and fell in love with this body of work, HeyDeon never seems to fail when it comes to putting a project and sounds together, so I knew right away we had something here, his discography so far is top-notch and in my opinion hasn’t missed yet. Stream the new album down below and let us know what you’re thinking in the comments below.

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