HVN Establishes His Talent With ‘Welcome to Heaven’


    Houston, TX artist HVN knows how to make an entrance. When he storms into frame at the start of Welcome to Heaven on Backhand, it’s a grand occasion, set off by crashing drums and majestic keys that roll out the red carpet for the man of the hour.

    Throughout the project, a majority of the tracks on the offering are high-energy throughout, with barely a break to breathe in the midst of HVN’s verbal onslaught. On Backhand, HNV’s lyrical prowess is on display while the bounce holds center stage. Elsewhere, Dirty slightly slows the tempo, yet still demands you to dance with its pounding bass hits.

    At only 7-tracks in length, the 15-minutes project is filled with a ridiculous amount of gems from beginning to end that showcases what HVN is capable of as an artist while knowing his strengths and just how to highlight them. Even if the project doesn’t end the way it should, that constant passion for his art makes Welcome to Heaven an impressive step forward, instantly captivating with undeniable replay value. Stream the new project down below.