Hojean Reveals His Beautiful EP “Cherie”

    Over the past few years, Hojean, an artist whose unique blend of indie pop and alternative R&B, has captured the hearts of music enthusiasts. His impressive journey includes a string of successful singles and the debut EP Swing, which laid the foundation for his meteoric rise. In the last year alone, Hojean has achieved significant milestones, amassing over 110 million total streams across various platforms. Beyond his music, Hojean’s independent spirit shines through as he fosters a loyal community among his passionate fanbase.

    Following the release of remarkable singles such as “Easily,” “9-5,” and “Cruel,” the Atlanta-based artist is back with his highly anticipated new EP, titled Cherie. This five-track EP introduces fresh additions, including the mesmerizing “Lock Me In” and the title track, “Cherie.”

    “Cherie” cover art

    In Hojean’s own words, “Cherie” is not a particular person but rather a representation of someone you may have wished to know in your life but who ultimately slipped away. He reflects on the theme of missed connections and unspoken feelings, saying, “There’s a sense of bravery in talking to somebody you like and actually pursuing them. In my life, I’ve had plenty of people I would crush on that would ultimately turn to nothing because of my lack of courage.” The opening track, “Cherie,” encapsulates the emotions associated with reconnecting with someone from your past. Hojean invites listeners to ponder those missed opportunities in life and the people who could have been.

    Cherie offers listeners a captivating journey through intricate alt-pop compositions that showcase Hojean’s sky-reaching vocals and shapeshifting production skills. The EP serves as a testament to why this relative newcomer has gained a massive following, and to celebrate the EP’s release, Hojean is gearing up for an expansive tour, the To Cherie, With Love Tour.

    If you’re similar to me, you probably first became familiar with Hojean from his colossal hit record “Over 85.” If you’ve stuck around for the ride since you know that Hojean has continued to challenge himself and evolve with every record, this new EP is further evidence of that fact.

    Listen to Cherie below.


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