Houston Rising Artist BigZay Returns With New Single “Breakin’ Hearts”

    Houston, TX is no stranger to churning out musical talents that leave an indelible mark on the industry, and 24-year-old artist BigZay is no exception. After a year-long hiatus, BigZay is back with a brand-new single titled “Breakin’ Hearts,” featuring Teruo Rhodes and Tobacco Ryan. The trio’s collaborative effort is a seamless blend of R&B and soulful vibes.

    “Breakin’ Hearts” not only marks BigZay’s triumphant return but also offers a glimpse into the artist’s distinctive musical evolution. With a sound as smooth as silk, BigZay’s velvety vocals glide effortlessly over the track, perfectly complemented by the artistic contributions of Teruo Rhodes and Tobacco Ryan. The chemistry between these talented musicians is palpable, resulting in a song that is both catchy and emotionally resonant.

    This latest single serves as an ideal companion to BigZay’s EP series, Silk All Summer, showcasing his ability to craft music that is both introspective and engaging. The artist himself describes the experience of creating “Breakin’ Hearts” as something natural and deeply fulfilling, stating, “This song came together very naturally with the chemistry between the three of us! Feels good to be back on the scene with my Bloomx$et brothers! What we have is very special, and the world needs to hear. The South got something to say.”

    As BigZay returns to the spotlight, fans can expect more thrilling content from this talented Houston artist. With “Breakin’ Hearts” making its mark, there’s no doubt that BigZay’s stock will continue to rise as he leaves his mark on the music industry with his silk-like sound.


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