Houston’s God Body Bingo Accelerates with New Single “Switch Lanes”

    In the heart of Houston’s North Side, an artist emerges, giving voice to the voiceless and carving his path through the city’s vibrant hip-hop scene. God Body Bingo, with his street-savvy lyrics and larger-than-life charisma, stands as a beacon of authenticity in the world of rap, connecting with fans of all ages.

    “Switch Lanes,” the lead single from his upcoming project, “Last Name First,” showcases God Body Bingo’s evolution while maintaining the stylistic elements that listeners have come to love. Produced by Siddiq, the track offers a more introspective look at the artist, revealing a depth that adds layers to his already impressive repertoire.

    The accompanying music video, directed by Neal Kelly and Jonathan Sherman, cleverly plays on the driving motif, transporting viewers into a cinematic experience reminiscent of classic 60s and 70s driving scenes. Bingo, sharing insights into the video’s concept, explained, “The idea of speeding past the competition until I’m where I wanna be was executed perfectly with the car scenes leading up the beach.”

    “Switch Lanes,” although metaphorical, carries a literal meaning for God Body Bingo. In his own words, the single represents a shift in pace, a pick-up in speed, and a new perspective on his music. “The new sounds, concepts, and visuals I’m coming with for my next album are a change of pace, a pick up in speed, a new perspective and style on everything I do,” he shared.

    Watch the new video for “Switch Lanes” below.


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